Let’s say you’ve decided to get an erotic massage in Prague – after all, it could happen to anyone, right? If that’s your case, then you should learn what to do and what not to do when the time comes for you to get your sensual rubdown. This little article is here to help you navigate these waters.

Your Erotic Massage will be Much Better if You Communicate Properly

Many customers, especially if it’s their first time, are afraid to communicate their feelings and desires to the masseuse properly. And their experience is much poorer as a result of this. You should be vocal about what you think or wish not only before your rubdown starts. Even though it may feel a little awkward at first – here are a few tips which could help you overcome your shyness. The results will be more than worth it. Take some time to chat with the masseuse of your choice to see if you would get along well – sympathy could sometimes be more than just looks.
And don’t fret about the language barrier if you’re a foreigner. Many girls working at Prague parlours like these are foreign as well and English tends to be the lingua franca at these places.
Oh, and don’t forget – even if you’ve chosen a particular masseuse while booking, you can, most of the time, pick another one at the spot, if you feel your original choice was not the best. There may be other professionals on the spot, willing to stand in if you’d like.

Asking for Direct Sex Is a No-No

Far too many people unfortunately still don’t understand the difference between a brothel and an erotic massage parlour. The parlours limit their stimulation solely to the “happy ending”, achieved by manual stimulation, and don’t offer direct intercourse – not even oral.
Have respect for your therapist and don’t be pushy about getting sex – if you nevertheless insist or be obnoxious about it, your session will be cancelled on the spot and you might find yourselves thrown out, which is not really something you’d want to experience…
Erotic Massage in Prague – What to Do and What to Avoid to Get the Most From Your Sensual Rubdown 1

Do not Bring Your Own Towels or Massage Oils

There’s no need for that – the place you’ll be going to will be perfectly equipped for that, with a variety of massaging oils, suitable for every skin type. Unless you have a particular allergy, for which a particular oil is the only solution, then there’s no reason to bring your own stuff!

Keep it Clean

And we mean literally. First of all, without a proper shower, your rubdown will not even proceed in some places. There will definitely be a comfortable shower at the given parlour and you will be asked to use it – sometimes, the girl of your choice may even join you. But still, it’s better to shower at your place before you set out as well, just for a good measure.

Don’t Eat too Much, don’t Drink too Much, Avoid Alcohol Altogether

All of this has a good reason.
Coming in with a stuffed stomach and getting massaged soon afterwards can actually get painful. Nothing more than a small snack should precede your pleasure.
Likewise, drinking too much before will most likely result in an urge to go to the toilet during the procedure, which will disrupt its course significantly. On the other hand, you should replenish those fluids after your massage is over, since your body will be in a state of light “overdrive”, and will be needed to stay hydrated.
As for alcohol, it is fairly obvious. Not only does it decrease your sensibility and distorts your perception, but it also dehydrates you, which is the last thing you need, considering the rubdown itself is quite demanding on your organism.
With these things in mind, we can guarantee you that your experience will improve significantly!
If you’re interested in getting an erotic massage, what is your reason for getting one? And what are your expectations? Are there any dos or don’ts you’d wish to add to our list?
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