While becoming more popular and known, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the question of a lingam massage. How does it work? Is it the same, or different form a so-called happy ending or erotic massage? Well, they both involve touching the private parts, and both can get pretty pleasurable, but there’s still many things setting them apart. So, let’s delve into this problem some more to clarify.

Lingam Massage Is Derived from a Broader Tantric Teaching

This massage might as well be understood as a shortened tantric massage, which is a part of a broader tantric system. What sets tantra apart from some of the other, more ascetic Eastern teachings is its approach towards sexuality, which is seen as positive and even conductive to one’s spirituality. The pleasure and love achieved via a tantric treatment is therefore just a stepping stone to deeper self-knowledge. Where the goal of a simple, “happy ending” or erotic massage is to deliver pleasure and relaxation (and there’s nothing wrong with that), true tantric experience is about transcending it to reach a more profound understanding of yourself.

So, this Is How to Approach this rubdown in a More Balanced Way


Consider It a Form of Therapy

Truly, this particular rubdown can do far more for you than you would expect it to. The word Lingam can obviously mean penis, but there are other translations as well, including “wand of light” – Sanskrit is a complex language rich in meaning, after all. That sounds a lot more magical, doesn’t it? And that’s no coincidence. In this particular context, the penis is a focal point of energy, and, if given properly, its professional treatment can result in a whole range of positive effects, ranging from simple relaxation to the unblocking and mending of sexual-related and other emotional traumas and complexes. If administered with love, care and diligence, lingam can truly do wonders for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Remember, Orgasm Is More of a By-Product than the Main Goal

And sometimes, the lingam treatment can do completely without it. As opposed to the erotic massages, the lingam is more concerned with tapping into one’s sexual energy, bringing it into the fore and harnessing it. It helps you to better feel and understand your body and its urges and desires. It aims to let you discover your erogenous zones and the ways in which one can elicit pleasure from them, making you more sensitive. If you reach an orgasm along this journey, that is completely fine. But it’s completely fine if you don’t as well.

Even if They Do Orgasm, Tantric Masters Manage to Hold it in Nevertheless

This isn’t as well known, but all the more interesting. From a tantric perspective, your seed contains an important life force, and ejaculating it means stripping yourselves of its potential power. The yogins and tantric masters are able to control their orgasm in such a way that they don’t ejaculate, and instead channel the excessive energy inside their body, giving themselves an energy boost this way. The mastery of this technique does not come in a day, and it is not expected of those trying lingam for the first time to hold it inside. However, even laymen can try to achieve ejaculation-free orgasm – read more about it here.

Meditation Is also an Important Part of It

Lingam massage is markedly different from other erotic massage procedures in that it places great importance on rhythmical, focused breathing, prolonged eye contact and sometimes even visualisation techniques. All that to help you relax more deeply, centre your focus and help you to better connect your sexuality not just to the genitalia, but also to the body as a whole. This amalgam of the erotic and spiritual is what really makes the lingam procedure shine!
Which would you find preferable – the lingam treatment, or the more standard, erotic massages. How big a role does sexuality play in your life? Would you be interested in approaching it from a different perspective? Why? Let us know in the comment section!