When talking about a nuru massage, far too many people focus primarily on its “happy ending” aspect and completely omit the other wonderful benefits that this procedure is capable of. This article is here to inform you about all the ways nuru can be useful to you. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Nuru Massage Is a Natural Painkiller – We Bet You didn’t Know That!

As this treatment does so much to relax in the muscles, the side effect of it is also the faster release and circulation of endorphins throughout the body. Since endorphins are basically our natural painkillers – as well as mood improvers, the result of this can be quite an extensive pain relief for you!

It Can Greatly Increase Blood Circulation, Which has Countless Benefits in itself

As your muscles get unblocked and unknotted, the blood flow will, as a result of that, speed up significantly. And that has many benefits in and of itself. Improved blood circulation equals the faster distribution of nutrients to your organs and cells. This means, among others, the strengthening of your immune, lymphatic and digestive systems, therefore greatly increasing your resistance against and faster disposal of toxic waste.

The Speeding-Up of Bodily Functions Can Also Nean Faster Recuperation Times

This, of course, results naturally from what was mentioned previously. You may notice that the time it takes for injuries or illnesses to get better has been somewhat shortened. This is another one of the unexpected benefits of this treatment!

The Tension Relief Also Goes Without Question

It would be quite a bad massage if it didn’t feature any actual tension relief. But it’s not just muscles that we’re talking about here, it’s the mind as well! Of course, body and mind are closely connected, and improving one aspect of either does partially translate into all the rest. With nuru, your body gets its due, that’s certain. But your mind can benefit also, since this rubdown is such a loving, nurturing and caring experience. You’re simply bound to feel great as a result of that!

Also, it Is a Great Opportunity for Sensual Self-Exploration

It is an erotic massage, after all! But the actual orgasm is really just a small part of its overall erotic allure. What nuru is really about is the exploring of your own boundaries and the potential for pleasure. You may discover that it’s not only your genitalia that can be the source of erotic delight. You may discover that the fastest way to climax is not always the most rewarding one. You may discover new ways of not just receiving, but also giving erotic pleasure.

It May Help You Relieve a Headache Too

Of course, there are many reasons for a headache to occur, and nuru will not be a miracle cure to all of them. Nevertheless, it can reduce the levels of cortisol, which a stress hormone that can cause tension and tightness in the muscles. And it is precisely this tension that is often responsible for a headache – to the point of being (unsurprisingly) called a “tension headache”. Why swallow painkillers when a simple rubdown can do the same?


The Improved Flexibility of Your Muscles Is also a Great Boon

Nuru works on a muscle tissue in both a horizontal and vertical manner, going to great lengths to alleviate the built-up tension and pressure there. As a result, the muscles become more flexible.
Nuru Massage and 7 Benefits this Extraordinary Procedure an Bestow Upon You 1
These were the 7 benefits of nuru. Of course, the list is far from completed and there are many other merits to be drawn from this procedure – you might want to try for yourself!
Can you think of a way nuru can help you? Or do you think you can benefit from any of the things we mentioned in this article in particular? Say it in the comments!