There is no magical relax massage that can act as a stand-in for all of them. For every situation, there probably exists a suitable massage that is capable of relaxing you the most under any given circumstances. Let’s check out at least some of them to give you a better idea!

Relax massage of the standard variety – the Swedish treatment is a well-rounded procedure

Most wellness spas, physiotherapists, gym masseurs and other practitioners will offer a Swedish massage, as it is basically the standard treatment everywhere. For a regular relaxation, this treatment has basically all that you need. It is done on a full-body basis, uses massage oils and several different strokes, namely:
Overall, the Swedish massage is a very versatile procedure, that is more than capable of relaxing you, albeit more on a physical level. Its primary purpose is to provide general relief to the muscles and mitigating pains and injuries stemming from physical activities. Which is also why it is so popular with sportspeople.

Deep tissue treatment is here to address specific conditions

Deep tissue massage tends to be more intensive than the Swedish one and aims to provide relief to specific areas of the body that are in need of closer attention. Muscle knots specifically tend to be the target of deep tissue massage, but any part of the body can be as well. The strokes that this treatment employs are markedly slower, but also involve more pressure – although they are not supposed to hurt!
Generally, if you’re looking primarily for relaxation, you can choose this one, but there are others that might do the job better. On the other hand, few treatments can relieve chronic pain or conditions such as neck pain, carpals or tennis elbow in such an efficient way as a deep tissue rubdown. This article provides some further insights into the potential of the deep tissue treatment.

The Thai massage does not just relax, it also fills you with energy

A lot of stretching, yoga movements and intensive pressure is involved in this traditional form of Thai bodywork. Physically more demanding on both you and your therapist, it does nevertheless pay off greatly in the end.
Thai massage also introduces the idea of energy centres and energy flow, which is a foreign concept to western massages, and the western scientific consensus does not support it very much. Nevertheless, the Thai massage is effective in delivering plentiful relaxation, pumping you up and alleviate your pains. If you wish to not only relax, but also get a taste of an exotic bodywork, give the Thai massage a try!

Nuru massage and the introduction of the erotic

Think about it – does erotic sensation not please, soothe, calm and relax? The only reason for why it is not incorporated in the standard physiotherapy is the taboo and prudishness, not the insufficient effect. The nuru massage proves it – it is an intimate massage that features manual stimulation of the genitalia and also the close contact of the therapist’s and client’s bodies. No relaxation is complete without some erotic pleasure, right? Which brings us to…


Almost every massage can be experienced in its erotic variation

There’s really nothing preventing any of the massages we’ve previously listed from being enhanced with some more sensual touch. Indeed, an erotic massage is a “genre” growing in popularity (and though it is illegal in some countries, it is nevertheless thriving). It combines the physiotherapeutic properties of the regular treatments with an exciting touch your common therapist would not dare to do.

How about you? Which massage offers the biggest relaxation according to you? And would you be open to receiving some erotic stimulation from your therapist?