Prague has many attractions to offer, but once you’ve seen some landmarks, had yourselves some beer and whatnot, then perhaps you’d be interested in exploring a different side of the city. We’re talking about some Prague adult entertainment. Though we don’t aim to be a comprehensive Prague sex guide, let’s take a quick look at what your options in the sphere of the erotic are.

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There Is Naturally Some Lightweight Prague Adult Entertainment Available

There are many establishments offering entertainment that is on a rather raunchy side, usually catering to the many stag parties that are a staple of Prague nights. Such establishments are usually found in the city centre, namely around Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí) and Charles Square (Karlovo náměstí).
Some of these establishments are simple night clubs and strip clubs, where you might expect things such as go-go dancing, feast your eyes on some naked ladies or even get a sexy lap dance.
A lot of night clubs offer just that, but there are some that might offer a bit “different” services in the premises.
Escort-club services are sometimes being offered as well, you might be directly accosted by one of the girls at the bar or ask around and you’ll be definitely pointed to someone in the know.
There are separate rooms in the back of the clubs precisely for some carnal action. Some of these rooms are even “themed” – you might run into a BDSM dungeon, massage room, sauna, etc.
Also, an important thing to point out – usually, the girls work independently and have some sort of agreement with the club owner who lets them use the rooms and pick up clients, while being provided some share of profit. They are, however, not bound to the place by some contract, so it cannot be technically considered a brothel.

Prague Escort Clubs Are Not The Cheapest

However, expect to part with a lot of money, especially in some of the more well-known establishments. First you have to pay an entry fee, which might be from 100 CZK upwards. Drinks are notoriously overpriced as well.

As for the prices of the time you spend with the girl, they may vary from place to place, but the average is approximately:

  • 1500-1800 CZK for half an hour
  • 2000 – 3000 CZK for an entire hour
  • 5000+ CZK for the complete night
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While Looking For Some Adult Prague Fun, Bear One Thing In Mind

Officially, prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic. What is not legal, however, is providing the “infrastructure” for prostitution. Pimping or running a brothel is prohibited.
However, things on paper rarely match reality, as we’re all well aware. There are many ambiguities in the law and many workarounds as well. Many “gentlemen’s clubs” and other similarly branded establishments are in reality operating as brothels, with the authorities not being too bothered about it.
So if you’re afraid of finding yourselves on the wrong side of the law, don’t worry. As a customer, you have nothing to worry about.

Try To Avoid Street Hookers On Your Hunt For Prague Sex

Though not as common today, there are still “old school” (not necessarily old, though) prostitutes walking the streets of Prague, usually in the night hours around Charles Square and the surrounding streets. However, caution is advised.
Prostitutes working in the streets are usually considered “lower quality” than those working in nightclubs, let alone professional escorts. Often, they are addicted to drugs and carry a much higher risk of venereal diseases – club girls and escorts tend to get regularly checked and the risk is much lower there.
The only upside of street prostitutes might be the lower prices, but do you really want to take such a risk?

Perhaps You’re Not Looking For Top Sex In Prague And Would Be Comfortable With Happy Ending Only?

In that case, there are many erotic massage parlours spread across the entire city. Most of these will not offer classic sex, but a part therapeutic, part erotic procedures known as erotic massages.
There are various types of erotic massages, some resemble a traditional Swedish type massage, others, such as nuru, feature a much closer body to body contact, but without actual penetration.
An erotic massage usually culminates in the so-called “happy ending”, which is a codeword for orgasm, but your masseuse will work using only her hands to achieve that goal. Many people choose an erotic massage for its relaxing properties and consider the “happy ending” as nothing more than a pleasant bonus.
If you’re after actual sex, then you might choose another option, which is…

A Professional Prague Escort If Clubs Or Streets Don’t Suffice

Undoubtedly the safest option and also probably the best option in terms of quality if you’re looking for some sex in Prague would be to book a professional escort.
Escorts rarely hang around in nightclubs, nor do they walk the streets. If you’re looking to book one, you have to usually visit some sites where they advertise their services (such as ours).
There, find more details about the services an individual escort can provide, which include classic sex in most cases, but also a lot of other sexual techniques, as well as many other special services, such as BDSM, erotic massages, lap dances and so on.
Then it’s just a matter of contacting the individual girl directly. Some escort agencies even let you book two girls at once if you’re interested in some threesome fun.

What Else To Know About Escort Girls Of Prague

If you’re going the escort route, it is important to remember that you’ll be presented with either an incall or outcall choice.
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Incall means that it is you who must visit your escort at her place, or perhaps at some of the top privates in Prague. It is a cheaper, but more time-limited option, but still a valid one if you’re willing to undergo the hassle of travel.
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Outcall option is played by your rules. The escort visits you at your place. It can be your home or a chosen hotel room, it can be for just an hour or for the complete night of passion.
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But the possibilities of an escort don’t end there
While some are ready to conflate the words “escort” and “prostitute”, the nature of the escort is different.
While many men choose escort to get some private sex in Prague, there are others who prefer a more personal aspect of an escort service and erotic satisfaction is secondary to them. Sometimes they’re not looking for sex at all!
That’s because a good escort should not only be good in bed. Prague is full of beautiful foreign and Czech girls, sex is an easy way to make money and the capital provides a steady supply of customers. An escort has to stand out and offer something in addition.
An escort service is also about companionship and having someone interesting to talk to and confide in – some escorts are more of a girlfriend-for-hire.
The top escorts in business are often invited to spend time with wealthy clients for prolonged periods of time (for example on business trips or on various social gatherings) and are expected to fit in high-class society in every aspect. Impeccable etiquette, dress code, conversation skills, and mastery of multiple languages are a must.
That’s not to say that you might look for these aspects of escort specifically, feel free to go ahead if it’s just one-night fun that you have in mind…Wear a protection, have good hygiene, always act like a gentleman, stay safe and enjoy!

Don’t Eat too Much, don’t Drink too Much, Avoid Alcohol Altogether

All of this has a good reason.
Coming in with a stuffed stomach and getting massaged soon afterwards can actually get painful. Nothing more than a small snack should precede your pleasure.
Likewise, drinking too much before will most likely result in an urge to go to the toilet during the procedure, which will disrupt its course significantly. On the other hand, you should replenish those fluids after your massage is over, since your body will be in a state of light “overdrive”, and will be needed to stay hydrated.
As for alcohol, it is fairly obvious. Not only does it decrease your sensibility and distorts your perception, but it also dehydrates you, which is the last thing you need, considering the rubdown itself is quite demanding on your organism.
With these things in mind, we can guarantee you that your experience will improve significantly!
If you’re interested in getting an erotic massage, what is your reason for getting one? And what are your expectations? Are there any dos or don’ts you’d wish to add to our list?